Discover Victoria, the location of Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse

One cannot deny that Casa Gemelli is found at one of the most central spots of the island of Gozo both from a cultural and commercial point of view.  It’s literally under the Citadel bastions, meters away from the old historical centre of the town, various museums and churches, the market, St. George’s Square and Basilica. 

This is one boutique hotel that cannot be beaten on location because it is located in the epicentre between the two rival Opera Houses in Victoria.  The Astra Theatre shares the same pavement with Casa Gemelli and the Aurora Theatre is only metres away!

Staying at Casa Gemelli means that you can wake up, walk out and start experiencing the town of Victoria. A brisk walk up to the Citadel or along the meandering narrow street and alleys in the old part of the Victoria are always a must for those who seriously want to explore Victoria.  The main shopping malls and Victoria’s public garden, Villa Rundle are close by.

Casa Gemelli is also central because all parades, defiles and processions, religious or otherwise that occur in the town of Victoria simply pass through this street!     All in all, it is truly in the hub!

On another note, it is minutes away from the public transport terminal and there is parking space in the vicinity.