Discover Gozo | Ramla Bay

Ir-Ramla il-Ħamra

Ir-Ramla il-Ħamra, translating into Red Sand, is the largest beach on the island.  This natural beach is characterized by natural red sand dunes running along the 500m stretch of the beach.  

Ramla Bay is located aRamla-l-Hamra-Aerial-View-7-11-1000x562t the bottom of a rich and fertile valley on the northern coast of the island.  With the village of Xagħra overlooking this valley, terraced fields and rubble walls give a traditional touch to the valley.  When viewed from the high ridges surrounding the valley, Ramla Bay gets a quilt-like appearance .  

The beach is surrounded with rich historical treasures. Roman remains lie beneath the sand and the famous Calypso Cave overlooks the western side of the beach.

Bus service runs regularly a couple of metres away from Maria Giovanna Guesthouse, however a hiking trail is located East along the North Coast of the island.  This trail goes through the natural heritage of the island with a large number of traditionally farmed fields. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern part of the island are present throughout the hike.